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In this economy, recruiters are overwhelmed by the amount of applicants for a single position. Trying to find a qualified candidate is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Job seekers want to set themselves apart in a job search. They understand there can be hundreds of applicants for the same job—a job they know they’re qualified for—but how can they prove that to the recruiter?

Our patented ProofSheet product is the answer.

  • Job seekers: Stand out from the crowd of applicants!
  • Recruiters: Understand which applicants meet your requirements!

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What people are saying.

“I've been recruiting candidates for more than 15 years, and Acertiv ProofSheets give me the insight into a candidate’s background to quickly see who is the most qualified to meet our job requirements.”
—Alicia (Recruiter for Fortune 500 firms)

“It's easy, and now I have a place to store and re-use all my certified career data to use with any job application—for free.”

“I had applied to hundreds of jobs online using only my resume. With Acertiv, I set up my first ProofSheet in a few minutes and got the job!”

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